Sports and Examination Centre: a circular sports building on the campus square

Good sports facilities are indispensable on a university campus. The new Sports and Examination Centre will arise at the place where the current rugby field is located. The new building will be 1.5 times bigger than the current University Sports Centre.


The current Sports and Examination Centre is no longer sufficient. The building from 1970 is too old to renovate in such a way that it can meet the sustainability requirements. Moreover, due to the growing number of students, it is becoming too tight.


The current building can no longer cope with the growth of the now more than 10,700 athletes. Certainly the combination of sports and exams makes a more spacious and efficiently laid out building with good acoustics and facilities necessary.


The existing sports offer will be expanded by considerably more square meters. In addition, the building will also serve as an exam center. The sports centre is centrally located and will be given a prominent place on the Campusplein, near the current rugby field. This new location allows a nice connection with the campus and the outdoor sports fields.

Open appearance

In the new center there will be a very large fitness room, two gyms with tribunes for many recreational sports, a spinning room, a dance hall, a body and mind room and a catering facility. All this in a building with an open appearance and a lot of glass under the guise of: seeing move makes you move. All that framework also provides plenty of daylight and a nice view over the sports fields from the fitness machine or the dance floor.


In order to avoid noise pollution from cheering supporters or bouncing basketballs, sports lessons and exams will in principle take place at separate times. A lot of attention has also been paid in the design to soundproofing materials and sufficient wall and floor thickness.



In addition to good acoustics, there is a lot of attention for health and sustainability with sufficient fresh air, daylight and healthy materials without harmful emissions. The building will also be connected to the heat and cold storage (ATES) for sustainable heating and cooling and a roof full of solar panels.


What is also special: there will be a sloping 'roof landscape' of grass. This folds down from the first floor at some points, so that the roof is connected to the ground level. The idea behind this is that the essence of the Bio Science Campus, 'the doctrine of life', does not conflict with the built environment, but that they reinforce and complement each other.


It is expected that the larger USC will attract other users of the park to come and play sports in addition to students.