Hello-Bike live at LBSP

Leiden Bio Science Park now has its own Hello-Bike drop zone. Hello-Bike is a hassle-free bike sharing system. Thanks to the app, everyone can easily reserve a bicycle and ride it away from one of the designated pick-up points. The bicycles are easy to recognise by the logo and by their distinctive bright red colour.

Hello-Bike has various pick-up points at Leiden Central Station and on the Leiden Bio Science Park. If you would like to see where all the Hello-Bike parking spots are, download the Hello-Bike app and see for yourself how simple it is to use!
All you have to do to use the bike sharing system is download the Hello-Bike app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have completed the one-time registration, Hello-Bike is ready for you to use. The bikes cost €1 an hour, €4 for 12 hours and €6 for 24 hours. And you don’t have to worry about topping up your balance, because you pay by direct debit.

For more information, visit the Hello-Bike website.