Improving the public space

The goal of the project is to improve the overall quality of the park, which is the largest innovation district in the field of Life Sciences & Health in the Netherlands. An important part of this regards improving the accessibility of the area for cyclists and pedestrians in particular, with the Hartlijn as its center point.

The Hartlijn is a bicycle and pedestrian path that connects all central places in the LBSP. In the new situation, traffic on the Hartlijn will have priority over other traffic. The Hartlijn will be unique through the use of color and a strip of medicinal plants. Biodiversity and climate adaptation are important aspects of this project as well. On the Hartlijn, there will be attractive locations to sit and relax, such as benches where you can have lunch.

Up-to-date information about road work can be found in the project app of contractor BAM. Download the "BAM infra projecten" app (for free) for up-to-date information regarding planning and diversion routes.