Tender for entrance area

Leiden University has issued the official tender for the the development of the entrance area of the Leiden Bio Science Park. The University is offering creative, urban development-oriented developers and investors the opportunity to deliver an appealing, achievable and future-proof interpretation for this unique location. The Leiden Bio Science Park campus should become a vibrant environment and the beating heart of the area thanks to the introduction of hundreds of homes and urban facilities.

The registration period for the entrance tender has expired.


Ambitions for entrance area

Vibrancy and the blending of multiple functions constitute an important starting point in the future development of the Leiden Bio Science Park. The University and the municipality of Leiden share the ambition to add more urban facilities and housing to the park. Due to its central location in the Bio Science Park, the entrance area is ideally suited for this. The entrance area must therefore become the beating heart of the park, where students, researchers, employees and visitors meet and spend time together. The entrance area offers a possible building volume of up to  53,750 m2.


In the development of the entrance area, Leiden University is aiming for a functional mix that ensures vibrancy and focuses primarily on residential and urban facilities:

  • Living / short stay:
    • About 300 to 600 units for (international) students
    • About 100 to 150 furnished units for international staff
    • Private sector rental properties
  • Urban facilities (up to 3,100 m2): catering, services and retail.


This has been stipulated in the new Gorlaeus zoning plan, which is currently under review and is expected to be finalised by 2018. This gives private parties the opportunity to start building relatively quickly after the award of the tender.


Wanted: creativity and decisiveness
The task is complex and calls for a creative approach, with vision and decisiveness. For the development of this area, Leiden University is therefore looking for a decisive private party or consortium of parties that can ensure the development, realisation, ownership and exploitation of the property in the entrance area. A collaborative partner who will take on the location and ensure a vibrant and future-proof implementation of the entrance area, with added value for Leiden Bio Science Park.


Want to find out more about this report and/or the entrance area of Leiden Bio Science Park?

The contact person for Leiden University/Real estate is Joek Kruiderink:
Tel.: +31 (0)6 50 83 94 38
E-mail: j.kruiderink@vastgoed.leidenuniv.nl