The mix of business, education and research in the Life Science & Health sector is especially characteristic of the Leiden Bio Science Park, all merged into a single park. Intensive knowledge exchange takes place here between research, education and business. These features attract large numbers of highly educated, creative people.

A large cluster of service providers in the field of medicine development is present in the park. Leiden Bio Science Park has also dedicated several multi-tenant business buildings for start-ups, developing companies and shared research facilities.


The park has extensive facilities, including outstanding research facilities, a meeting space (café De Stal), an exam and sports centre, sports fields, student rooms, hotels and meeting rooms. Hundreds of residential and urban facilities are being added to the park on the central campus square. Two museums are also located in the park: Corpus Experience, about the human body, and Naturalis Biodiversity Center, a centre for biodiversity. Together they receive around 500,000 visitors a year.