Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) is the largest life sciences knowledge cluster in the Netherlands and an incubator for ground-breaking research and innovative applications in this sector. The park is one of the top industry parks in Europe. The strong concentration of high-level research, enterprise, education and healthcare attracts companies, students and scientists from all over the world. Leiden has traditionally been a knowledge-based city, with the oldest university in the Netherlands and a historically open, international culture. The university and the park form the beating heart of the city of Leiden and serve as the engine for the Dutch knowledge economy. In 2009, it was voted the ‘best existing industry park’ in the country. The park’s strength lies in its clear focus on life science and health, a focus that has been consistently maintained. This focus now delivers the special and successful combination of education and research organisations and life science companies that specialise in research, development and the production of medicines, therapies and medical technology.